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Connecting with Horses Experience

MIndful grooming and equine language.

  • 19 euros
  • Eden Equine Tenerife

Описание услуги

Visit Eden Equine Tenerife and connect on a deeper level with one of our rescue horses through our theraputic grooming and equine language experience. Horses, being prey animals rely strongly on their emotional senses. They connect to each other to keep themselves safe, if one horse is alerted to a danger, the rest of the herd sense that and mirror it. They also have the ability to mirror what human body language is telling them and respond to it. With this knowledge, we can work with horses to not only help them, but also to teach ourselves self-awareness, honest communication, patience, and much more. This experience is available for groups of 1 - 4. Children are very welcome and under 5 are free. The experience will last between 1.5 - 2hrs and includes a choice of light refreshments including water, fruit and herbal teas. For groups of 4 we also have the option to include a delicious vegetarian/vegan lunch. Check it out on our main experiences page. We will start off with a tour of the sanctuary and learn about each of the horses and their stories, why they are here and the rehabilitation work that we are doing. We will talk about grooming and the benefits for both equines and humans, the horses likes and their dislikes, and how to interperet some of the subtle language signals they show us. We will then meet your horse/pony and begin grooming. Starting with gentle touch and massage, always paying attention to how the horse is feeling and listening to them. Please be aware that the horses are always at liberty. They are free to disconnect and move away if they wish but more often you find them to relax and breathe with you. Sometimes even lay down, a truly magical honour. Join us, disconnect from external stressors, find inner calm and bring yourself fully into the moment.

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Calle Pino Gordo 7, La Sabinita, Arico, 38589 Eden Equine Tenerife Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, Calle Pino Gordo, La Sabinita, Spain

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