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💖 Bonnie 💖

💖 Bonnie 💖


Bonnie, a captivating presence in our sanctuary, exudes a radiant spirit and possesses a brave heart. This beautiful soul is recognized for her fearless disposition and the indomitable courage she displays.


A gentle force to be reckoned with, Bonnie embraces attention and is always eager for a good scratch, revealing the tender side that lies beneath her spirited exterior.


By choosing to be Bonnie's guardian, you play a pivotal role in supporting her ongoing care and contributing to her journey of rehabilitation. Your generosity opens the door to a brighter future for Bonnie, offering her the chance to continue blossoming in the sanctuary's nurturing embrace. Join hands with us in fostering the well-being of this remarkable equine companion, and become a beacon of hope in Bonnie's journey.

Варианты цен
1 euro
1,00€каждый месяц до отмены
5 euro
5,00€каждый месяц до отмены
10 euro
10,00€каждый месяц до отмены
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